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We provide a comprehensive range of DIY Underfloor Heating products for use in any situation whether it is for simply taking the chill of cold tiles in a bathroom or kitchen, right through to a complete home heating system. We pride ourselves on supplying premium products from leading brands at a competitive price. Our friendly staff can advise you with any queries you may have.

One of the most requested luxury installations in today’s home builds and remodels is that of underfloor heating. This type of radiant electrical heating provides warmth to a room that also aids in taking some of the workload off of the central heating system. By assisting in keeping room temperatures consistent throughout the home, the less the central heating system will need to run. This will aid in keeping home energy costs lower throughout the year, saving homeowners around the world money.

Underfloor Heating – What’s Everything About?

As the summertime gradually approaches its end, lots of home owners are seizing the day to get their residences all set for the wintertime. Although on the whole British winters are ending up being milder, last wintertime was notorious for the variety of citizens (primarily pensioners) who passed away consequently of the extreme temperature levels, the 50 per cent boost in gas costs, as well as the federal government’s just recently applied austerity measures.

Provided the enhancing costs of gas as well as power, home owners are looking to more economical as well as fuel-efficient heating remedies. Because of this reason, underfloor heating is ending up being much more preferred amongst householders as well as local business owner alike.

A short history

As opposed to popular belief, underfloor heating is by no suggests a current development. In fact, its development can be mapped back to the primitive era. Neighborhoods who had to stay in extreme wintertime climate condition, like the residents of modern day Alaska as well as Northern Asia, made use of to run smoke via underfloor cavities. The smoke heated the floors and after that prolonged right into various other parts of your home.

This suggestion was additional developed by the Romans, who based their heating system on hypocausts (which literally translate as heat from listed below). Instead of smoke, the Romans made use of hot air as well as vapor to heat up the walls as well as floors.